Monday, December 14, 2009

My new new camera

I recently purchased a new camera.

You think I already wrote about this in my last blog post? Nope, that's my now old camera. I bought a new camera, again!


The Canon PowerShot SX200 IS is a great digicam. I enjoyed it a lot. Especially after installing the Canon Hacker's Development Kit.

It has the power of a bridge camera (or even a DSLR, thanks to the CHDK) and the size of a compact camera. But it's its size that made me reconsider my purchase.

It's exactly in the middle between a small cam that I can always keep in my pocket and a big cam which supports useful extensions like flashes or lenses. It's too big to always have it around, that's why I sometimes forgot it and had to take photos with my iPhone (which the camera was supposed to completely replace for photo taking). It's too small to let me add a flash or exchange the lens.

I thought about getting a more advanced bridge camera like the SX1, SX10 or SX20. They would certainly be better, but also much more expensive. The price and size difference between such a high-end bridge camera and a low-end Digital Single-Lens Reflex camera would be almost negligible.

Of course, a DSLR camera body wouldn't be enough, I'd also need some accessories like a good lens. That's both an advantage and a disadvantage. But I think so many accessories being available is more of a blessing than a curse.

Since it's a substantial investment, I thoroughly researched DSLR cameras. It turned out to be pretty easy to figure out which DSLR camera would be the right one for me.

Canon is the market leader and I'm already familiar with their cameras. Plus almost all of my friends and colleagues who own a DSLR have a Canon EOS 450D. That's why I chose Canon.

The cheapest entry-level EOS camera is the 1000D. The 450D costs just a little bit more, but the difference in features doesn't really matter (at least, to me), and the 1000D is supposed to take even better photos than the 450D because of its fewer megapixels (since both cameras share the same sensor size).

So I chose the Canon EOS 1000D! If you'd like to know what else I ordered, here's my list: Meine Fotoausr├╝stung

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