Monday, January 4, 2010

Canon Picture Styles

I suffer from a chronic lack of time (pun intended). That's why, so far, I didn't get around to get into photo postprocessing yet.

While there are some photographers who don't want to do any postwork and keep their photos in their original state, others like to digitally enhance them to achieve an even better impression. Both options are equally valid, neither is better, it's a matter of taste - as is any work of art.

But there's another possibility, thanks to Canon's Picture Styles: Let the camera do the postprocessing by itself, using an optimization method you define - a picture style you choose or even create yourself!

Here's a link to Canon's official Picture Styles Homepage where you can learn a lot more about them - and even download 7 new ones released by Canon:

Some artists have specialized in creating their own unique picture styles and using them to create original photos that look amazing without any postwork. One such artist is Kevin Wang - check out his outstanding gallery:

Canon Hongkong published an article about him and offered three of his own picture styles for download - here's the English version, free registration required to access the downloads:

Finally, there's a Flickr group with more pictures and a discussion area which also includes links to free picture styles:

When I finally do get around to look into postprocessing, maybe creating a picture style of my own is an alternative to manually editing every image I want enhanced. Until then I'll enjoy the picture styles others have created and see how they alter my photos in wonderful ways.

If you have any other interesting links regarding this topic, or know where more picture styles can be downloaded, let me know. Now go ahead and style some pictures.

(By the way, keep in mind that picture styles don't modify your RAW files. They are only applied when converting the RAW files into image files with Canon's Digital Photo Professional software. You can always change or remove picture styles with RAW files, so your originals are never modified. It's a non-destructive operation and safe to experiment with. Have fun and enjoy yourself!)

-- UPDATE --

Links to picture style collections for download:

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