Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Camera

New year, new camera - third time's a charm: I'm now the proud owner of a Canon EOS 500D!

After successfully auctioning off my Canon PowerShot SX200 IS, I got back exactly the price difference between the Canon EOS 1000D and Canon EOS 500D, so I returned the 1000D and used the auction and refund money to get the 500D.

I'm very happy with this "upgrade" since the 500D has some important features that provide a great advantage over its predecessors:
  • ISO 100 - 12800: Yes, 12800! This helps a lot when trying to take photos of fast-moving subjects, like children, indoors without using the flash.
  • Quick Control: Press SET to select and change any setting displayed on the screen. This makes setting up the camera a lot easier and faster. Much better than wading through the menus to modify an essential shooting parameter. I love this - almost as good as a touchscreen interface!
  • Better default settings: Almost everything is set up perfectly by default. After resetting the camera settings, I only have to switch back to the black Screen Color and adjust the Portrait Picture Style (Color Tone +2). Saves some time.
  • 9 AutoFocus Points: Although the 1000D had 7, just two less, the 9 AF points of the 500D are set up in a more effective pattern, so focusing automatically works better.
  • Spot metering: This one was missing from the 1000D, so the 500D is more versatile, for example when dealing with a difficult backlighting situation.
  • Faster continuous shooting: It's just a little difference, but it could make a difference, to get the perfect shot.
  • 15 megapixels, 14 bit color depth in RAW: Better than the 10 megapixels and 12 bit color depth in RAW of the 1000D, so the picture quality is even greater, according to reviewers.
  • 3" LCD: A bigger display makes setting up the camera and reviewing images a bit easier.
  • LCD auto off: Automatically turns off the LCD screen when looking through the viewfinder. Doesn't sound like much, and one could simply press DISP on the 100D to turn it off or on manually, but after getting used to it I wouldn't want to miss this little feature.
  • More comfortable grip: The camera body is of a little bit higher quality, especially the grip. Looks, feels and handles better. Nice to have.
  • HD movie recording: I list this last, because I have no use for it, yet. But if I ever do, it's good to know that this DSLR camera is also capable of high quality movie recording. Just in case.
All in all, upgrading was definitely worth it - and I'm sure I can stay with the 500D for the foreseeable future.

I also updated my Amazon Favorite List accordingly.

Last, but not least, I wish you all a Happy New Year!

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