Sunday, November 15, 2009

About my blog

This is my new blog. It's a personal blog, first and foremost, but it may also contain information that's at least of some interest to a certain audience. Well, hopefully.

So the first question is, what am I going to write about? Since that will determine who the audience might be. Other than me, of course.

Yes, I'm going to use the blog for notes and reminders for myself, too. I'll also document my research and progress regarding the varied interests that I have. Topics will probably change regularly, just like my focus changes among my various interests.

Another important factor influencing the possible audience is the choice of language. As a German, blogging in German would be obvious, but it would likely limit my audience to a national one. Choosing English instead, I can address an international audience, so that's why I'll (mainly) post in English.

Right now I don't have a fixed schedule for this blog, so I'll just post whenever I have something I consider worth sharing. I strive to keep quality above quantity. This also applies to comments, so I won't tolerate any kind of nonsense that could distract from the actual topics.

That said I certainly value constructive criticism and am looking forward to get new and interesting input from anyone who cares to comment. If and when I post something of use to you, let me know, and I'll see if there's more like it I can share. And if you have something interesting to share, let me know as well, and I'll mention it here.

Well, enough for now, that's my introduction to this new blog. We'll see how and where it goes. Thanks for reading, now stay tuned, more is soon to come.

See ya!
-- Stefan Daniel Schwarz

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